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Saturday, January 5, 2002

Reviews: iLounger, Wendy wrote in with a Pod Protector case suggestion.

If you own an OWC Pod Protector iPod case, read this tip on how to prevent scratches to your iPod. Read the suggestion with additional commentary from the author of the Pod Protector review, Bernell Dorrough.

Software: EphPod beta v0.95 for Windows Released

Joe Masters has released freeware enabling your iPod to work on Windows PC’s. It is currently in the final beta stage with more features to be added in the final release, v1.0. Here’s a list of the latest features included in beta v0.95:

  • Add and Remove MP3s
  • Add M3U Playlists from File (automatically adds all MP3s in Playlist)
  • Create, Edit, and Delete Playlists
  • Easy iPod Connection Wizard
  • Allows you to rename your iPod
  • Automatically Make Playlist from All Songs
  • Automatically Make a Playlist for Each Album
  • Supports an unlimited number of Songs and Playlists

Download it here…

Friday, January 4, 2002

Software: Panorama iPod Organizer

The Panorama iPod Organizer allows you to store phone numbers, email addresses, flight numbers, appointment times… all the important information you need to access on the go. You can enter and edit the data in the Panorama iPod Organizer itself or import data from your favorite database or contact manager software. You can organize your information into as many custom categories as you like: Home, Work, Travel, etc.

More info…

Hardware: XtremeMac to debut new iPod accessories at MacWorld SF

XtremeMac is a new Apple-focused accessories manufacturer, who have chosen to accessorize the iPod for their initial product offering by debuting the iPod Essentials Bundle. If your attending MacWorld San Francisco, look for the XtremeMac booth, #2429. Stop by and say hi, tell them your an iLounger! The following is a portion taken from their official press release:

XtremeMac will begin selling their 7-piece iPod Essentials Bundle at the show. This exciting bundle includes XtremeMac’s sleek and stylish iPod cases, available in 14 colors and made of Leather, Suede or Denim. Also included in the bundle are their custom engineered, all white Premium iPod FireWire Car Charger, and a complete set of belt clip, neck lanyard, and dash mounting accessories.

XtremeMac will simultaneously debut their new web site,  The easy to navigate web site is loaded with product details, crisp photography, and secure on-line ordering.

View photos of the iPod Essential Bundle and more at

Reviews: Reviews The iPod

“I can’t say it any other way: I have fallen head-over-heels for this little thing and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Read the full review…

Thursday, January 3, 2002

Software: XPlay Technology Preview 3 Released

Here’s a list of what’s new in Preview 3:

  • Preview 2 failed to work at all with some Apple iPod units because Apple made some changes to the shipping configuration; expected to be affected are any iPod units shipped with firmware newer than version 1.0.0; Preview 3 overcomes this problem, and is expected to provide compatibility with all iPod units
  • Improper reporting of the duration of some MP3 songs has been eliminated
  • XPlay will now prompt for a name for new iPod units when they are first connected

Download it here…

If you have any problems with Preview 3, let us know about it in the forums.

Rumors: iTunes update coming soon? reader Rex Raymond writes in with the possibility of an iTunes update coming soon.

“I just filled out the iPod repair form on the Apple website (my scrollwheel is sticking/dragging), and the form asks which version of iTunes I’m using. The options were for 2.0, 2.1 or Other. Looks like a new version of iTunes is coming, maybe at MacWorld SF.”

Rumors: Apple’s iWalk
[Updated: 11:34 AM PST]

We hate to burst your bubble, but compelling arguments at makes the iWalk out to be another hoax. It was very well done, but one thing we noticed, is how much the iWalk’s jog wheel looks like the top of the iBook power adapter plug. If anything, the iWalk PDA would be sporting the latest scroll wheel ala iPod, or something similar.

Read more at… has evidence of Apples next digital hub device. Is this what all the hype appearing on is about? The photos and videos appearing on is very convincing. We have even gone as far as securing domain names…one of them being If it is real, we just might build a web site for it.

Take a look…

News: Meet The iPod

MacWorld magazine posted a video demonstration of the iPod.

Watch the video…

Wednesday, January 2, 2002

Reviews: iLounger, Geoff R. comments on our recent reviews

Read full comment…

“I had taken possession of the JR Hill deluxe, but I was so displeased with it initially that I returned it right away.”

Read full comment…

Reviews: Reviews the iPod

“The iPod as an audio toy has enough performance features to make it well worth the cost, despite its lower cost, non-Mac-centric competitors.”

Read the full review…

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Software: PodMaster 1000 beta v9.84 Released

A new version of PodMaster 1000 is now available for download with the following updates:

– Sped up reading of song list.
– Still able to back up all iPod songs and is still OSX compatable.
– Program is now RaffleWare, supported by PayPal™, see Read Me for details.
– Includes OSX themed clock, see Read Me for details.
– Several bugs have been squashed.

Download it now.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Forums: An iPod Horror Story with a Happy Ending

iLounger, “Professor X” posts an incredible story about snow, a buck (the deer kind) and his iPod:

Here’s my story, sad but true… While in North Dakota for Christmas break my girlfriend and I were out driving enjoying tunes on my iPod (a little christmas present to myself) while singing along with the music (“silly love songs” covered by Tool) I looked away from the road and looked up to see a 6 point buck right in front of me. After the impact we pulled over to the side of the road and waited in the van of the people in front of us for the cops to arrive. My girlfriend had put her cell phone and my ipod in the front pocket of her hooded sweatshirt for safe keeping. After the cops arrived to take my information we got out of the van and tried to shake off as much of the broken glass that we were covered in as we could. Little did we know that the cell phone and ipod both fell out of her pocket and into a snow bank. After we got a ride back to her place to get another car she realized what happened and we went back to search, but we couldn’t find either one. so we went home, defeated, and decided to wait until the next day when it was light out. That night the temp dropped well below freezing- about 3 Farenheit. Anyway we went back the next day about 1 in the afternoon (about 18 hours after the ipod went into the snow bank) After a little searching I found both of them and headed back to the car. “Does it work?” my girlfriend asked… Apprehensively I turned off lock and hit the play button…


It started up right where it left off… Tool singing Paul McCartney… Needless to say we both were VERY happy. Now if the insurance company will just total my car (or whats left of it) life will be perfect…

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