Review: 300 Bowl by TheWay

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The least impressive of the bowling titles we tested was 300 Bowl ($1) by TheWay. While it’s not bad, and at least provides the option to play against human or computer opponents, the game feels incredibly easy even on its most difficult levels, and provides the least impressive audiovisual experience of the bunch. Rather than providing 3-D camera motion down the lane, you just see a small collection of pins, poorly animated, jump in the air in clusters as you flick your ball towards them. Like iBowl, the audio always sounds dull and pretty much the same, and the alley looks almost devoid of detail. As with Flick Bowling, control is limited to swiping the screen to toss a ball down the lane, though there’s no positioning of a character, or even any character to choose from.

Review: 300 Bowl by TheWay

Review: 300 Bowl by TheWay

On a typical cell phone, 300 Bowl might seem like an fine bowling game, but by the iPhone’s standards and those of most of the 3-D gaming platforms of the last 10 or more years, this is flat and dull. Given that iBowl looks better and offers more interesting control for free, even the low $1 asking price seems a little steep here; there’s really nothing compelling about this title except for the fact that it keeps score. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: TheWay


Title: 300 Bowl

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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