Although it’s not the most creative option around, Acme Made’s Orikata for iPad 2 ($50) takes a somewhat different approach to the traditional folio-style case design. The look and feel are comparable to Apple’s iPad Case for the original iPad, but the quality is higher — and so is the price. It’s based on Japanese origami, with folding corners and tuck-in pockets that transform the case into something suitable for viewing and typing.

Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

In terms of design, the case is almost identical to the company’s Infinite Angle case, which in turn very closely resembles Apple’s iPad Case. The shape of the case—including the cutouts along the back for the buttons and ports—and the look of the material from the outside are pretty much the same; on the inside is a velvet lining that feels a little nicer than the plasticy faux leather exterior. There’s an opening along the left side of the frame to push the iPad 2 in, with a flap to hold it securely in place. We preferred Acme Made’s faux leather to the polyurethane material Apple used, but Orikata does have a few faults that Apple’s doesn’t. Even though it remains usable, the Home button is partially covered by the frame surrounding the bezel. Along the top, the microphone is completely covered. In our testing, however, we noticed only a mild degradation of the audio quality, not enough to impact FaceTime calls in any substantial way.


Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

What makes Orikata unique is how it transforms into a stand. The two corners along the tablet’s back left side are overlaid with pockets that are reinforced with red stitching. On the front cover, the corners match with the same kind of stitching. Each folds twice, with a small triangle at the far end and a quadrangle underneath. Both of those segments have what feel to be metal or very hard plastic plates inside. The triangles fit into the pockets, raising the case off of your desk or table.


Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

When used as a viewing stand, the angle is quite a bit higher than what most cases offer, right around 100°. There’s not way to adjust it any higher or lower. When flipped around for typing, the angle is also a bit higher than we’re used to, but it’s comfortable to use.


Review: Acme Made Orikata for iPad 2

Overall, Orikata is a fine rather than good or great case. At the core, it’s a run-of-the-mill folio-style case that simply folds in a different way than some of the others. The case could stand to be a little more protective of the iPad 2’s buttons, and the price is certainly too high relative to some of the more impressively tailored plastic or fabric folios we’ve tested. It’s an interesting design, but not a major breakthrough in any way.

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Company: Acme Made


Models: Orikata

Price: $50

Compatible: iPad 2

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