Review: ACTGratuity by Houdah Software

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ACTGratuity ($1) from Houdah Software is a single-screened application offering basic tip calculation and check splitting functionality. Its interface is split in half vertically by two different backgrounds: a lens flare image for the upper half and a leather-like texture for the lower. They don’t look great alone, and look worse thanks to a large rainbow-colored strip running across the top containing a slider to adjust the tip percentage. A text field allows the user to enter the bill amount, and a separate slider adjusts the party size. At the bottom, an unattractive custom numeric pad serves only to enter the bill amount.

Review: ACTGratuity by Houdah Software

With a questionably-styled interface and limited calculation and check splitting options, ACTGratuity would struggle to reach okay status even as a free application, but for $1, it’s even worse. An interface overhaul and added flexibility would go a long way towards making ACTGratuity a worthwhile app. iLounge Rating: D+.

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Company: Houdah Software


Title: ACTGratuity

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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