Review: Adonit Jot Pro

Adonit produces some of the very best capacitive styluses on the market. At the beginning of this year we found its Jot and Jot Mini to be just short of perfect, while Jot Touch unfortunately fell to a lower level of recommendation based mainly on the poor quality of third-party app support rather than the quality of the pen itself. Now the company is beginning to roll out an updated version of Jot Pro ($30), and although it’s more expensive than Jot or Jot Mini, it feels a whole lot nicer, with a level of quality that plenty of other styluses at that price point don’t come close to matching.

Review: Adonit Jot Pro

The 5” stylus has a nicely-weighted metal body and a 2” long soft rubber grip directly adjacent to the tip. It’s available in gun metal, silver, turquoise, and red variations, each of which has a metallic finish. A screw-on cap protects the writing end when not in use, and can be attached to the back so that it doesn’t get lost. Jot Pro is packed with magnets that allow it to latch on to the bezel of second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads, and with this edition Adonit has also added a sound dampening tip and made its signature plastic disc smaller. Altogether, it very much feels like a premium, professional accessory.


Review: Adonit Jot Pro

Review: Adonit Jot Pro

One of the things that’s really nice about this stylus is it feels like a pen, not a crayon, marker, or other obscure writing utensil. This makes writing and drawing feel natural. In conjunction with the disc—it doesn’t seem like it should work but it really does—the experience of using Jot Pro is about as close to writing on paper as one can have on a tablet. The biggest drawback is the price; while it’s not unreasonable, Jot and Jot Mini are so good at lower prices that it may be difficult for some to justify the extra expense, however the fit and finish are so incredibly nice that we feel the extra few dollars are well worth it. Jot Pro rightfully deserves the same high recommendation as Jot and Jot Mini.

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Company: Adonit


Model: Jot Pro

Price: $30

Compatible: iPads, iPhones, iPod touches

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