Gear Guide: AIAIAI Swirl Earphone


Gear Guide: AIAIAI Swirl Earphone

The Danish company AIAIAI has launch their first product; The AIAIAI Swirl Earphone 1.0. The Swirl Earphone is technically developed in corporation with MSA Technology and designed by Kilo Design. The Swirl Earphone is emphasized on an industrial design, providing good quality in the material as well as a good audio performance and a comfortable fit. The thick coloured cord is designed to visually stand out from the rest of the in-earphones and make a visual statement as you wear it.

Neon orange, camo green and black

Full-spectrum sound from the deepest bass to high-frequency tones.

The sleeves are designed to deliver external noise reduction for clearer sound at safer volume levels.

With a choice of soft-foam or latex, the earphones are designed for in-ear comfort and full grip.

Best Performance
A full bass response depends on the user’s ability to properly insert and seal the earphones in the ear canals.

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