Review: AirHockey by Nicoteam

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AirHockey ($2) by Nicoteam also has some serious issues. On the surface, it looks a lot nicer than Personae’s design, but the game’s artificial intelligence and physics engines are screwy, such that we quickly saw our opponent stuck in the corner bouncing the puck back at itself, and later got engaged in extended but unrealistic and pointless high-speed volleys as the puck went back and forth at super speeds between two stationary mallets. The only cool thing about AirHockey is its goal sound, which blares like an air horn in stadium hockey, and the proportions of its mallets, which mightn’t be the easiest to see, but feel pretty good regardless. Still, this one needs work; the $2 asking price detracts from what otherwise felt like a better game than Personae’s. iLounge Rating: C.

Review: AirHockey by Nicoteam

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Company: Nicoteam


Title: AirHockey

Price: $2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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