Gear Guide: Airtune

Air Tune provides a communication solution from Bluetooth technology (V1.2) through FM transmission. Auto turn off iPod or MP3 music, on incoming and out going calls. Comes with 3.5mm Jack for audio player/device to transmit the sound to your car stereo individually or play your MP3 songs through Air Tune and connect it with your phone as well.

Don’t need to switch off the sound when receive calls, the Air Tune do it for the user with safety automatically. When you receive the call, the music stops and lets you have the call first; when the call ends the music will start automatically.
Air Tune also provides a USB port to connect your MP3 player, ex.

iPod, Creative Zen, SanDisk sansa, Microsoft Zune.. etc., via USB cable*  to transmit its music or sound to car stereo directly. Meanwhile, Air Tune can charge your MP3 player via USB cable*.