Review: AKG Acoustics K701 Premium Class Reference Earphones

This review was originally published in the iLounge Holiday Buyers’ Guide 2005-2006. Please download the Buyers’ Guide for additional photographs.


If a slicker and more comfortable pair of over-the-head earcups has been developed, we haven’t seen them: the k701 Premium Class Reference Earphones won our earbud-toting editors over. Silky smooth, detailed sound leans warm, but lets highs pop and creates a vivid stage. Listening is enhanced dramatically by velvet-covered cans, which you won’t want to take off—maybe ever. And the white and chrome body matches the iPod, to boot; a genuine leather band up top adds old-school class. They’re too large to carry around, but for in-home listening with an iPod or stereo, this is our top pick. Our review unit came with a 1/4” plug, 3.5mm adapter, and 10-foot cord; AKG’s currently deciding whether to release this in the U.S. with a plug just for portables, or as-is.

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Highly Recommended

Company and Price

Company: AKG Acoustics


Model: AKG Acoustics K701

Price: $399

Compatible: iPod 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G/color/photo, mini, 5G, nano, shuffle

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