Review: Alien Invasion by PHD Gaming

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Most of the games we’re looking at today are based on historic or contemporary battles. PHD Gaming’s Alien Invasion (

Review: Alien Invasion by PHD Gaming


$1) is one of those “future war” titles—you know, the “what happens when aliens attack Earth” kind.

While not exactly worthy of the developer’s name, Alien Invasion falls into the “not a bad time-waster” category once you know what you’re doing.

The screen is filled with an image of a city. Red flying saucers appear. You touch the screen to blow up the saucers… but not the ones with tiny abducted people at their bottoms.

You rack up points every time you blow up one or more ships at a time without hurting captured citizens, who for whatever reason are left unscathed so that the aliens can enjoy them. Hit a few ships with captives and you die. Hit the occasional green ship to replentish your life, or a glowing ship to trigger a massive explosion.