First Look: Allsop Clingo Game Wheel

Though we’re not huge fans of the “add a big plastic steering wheel to your iPhone or iPod touch” concept, the new Clingo Game Wheel from Allsop is just one of a number of new accessories from the company featuring a breakthrough semi-adhesive “Clingo” panel that bonds just enough with your device — encased or unencased — to let it stay put where you’ve attached it. In the Game Wheel, you’re supposed to be able to more easily steer in driving games, but in other incarnations — car and desk mounts — the Clingo technology removes the need for brackets or complex, device-specific mounting frames. It’ll be interesting to see how the technology evolves over time, particularly whether a less brightly colored version materializes in other products.

First Look: Allsop Clingo Game Wheel

First Look: Allsop Clingo Game Wheel

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Company: Allsop


Model: Game Wheel

Price: $15

Compatible: iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch

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