As expected, Apple has updated its own lineup of leather and silicone cases for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, making obvious changes for the new devices, such as a larger camera hole cutout to accommodate the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera system. Apple has also introduced some new color options and some minor enhancements to the buttons on the leather versions, while the silicone cases remain much the same as last year’s models.

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

The basic design of the cases hasn’t changed much from the two-year-old iPhone 6 versions, and they’re still basically molded wrap-around shells with an open bottom to provide near-universal dock and Lightning cable compatibility at the expense of some protection. Minimal bulk is added by the case, and as before, an inside microfiber coating protects the iPhone from scratching when you’re putting the case on or taking it off — the case is surprisingly easy to get the iPhone in and out of, so it may be especially appealing to users who want to use a case for style or protection in some situations while still being able to show off their iPhone’s jet black elegance.

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

One small but interesting change to the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus leather cases is the addition of machined aluminum buttons in matching colors. The new design gives the buttons a much firmer feel from prior leather case editions, which we always felt were a bit more “mushy” by comparison. Basically, you’ll get button action that feels a lot closer to the buttons themselves on an uncased iPhone. It’s a little change, but we like it.

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

This year, the leather case lineup also gets a slight juggling of color options, with a richer Sea Blue color replacing Marine Blue and a much lighter Tan replacing the old Brown color, distinguishing it further from Saddle Brown, which remains in the lineup along with Black, Storm Grey, Midnight Blue, and (PRODUCT) RED. The leather feels much the same as in prior versions of the case — it’s got a comfortable, soft feel to it, and adds some nice grip compared to the relative slipperiness of an uncased iPhone.

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Apple’s leather iPhone cases aren’t the most protective options you’ll find on the market; the bottom is left exposed for Lightning cable and dock compatibility, after all. However, the other edges of the case do extend slightly higher than the surface of the screen for drop protection, and the leather will still provide some natural level of impact resistance. They’re stylish and minimalist case designs that look and feel really nice on the iPhone, while allowing the iPhone to retain its thin profile. You’re making a tradeoff with these cases — sacrificing some protection for style — but in our opinion it’s a pretty reasonable one, and the iPhone 7 Plus leather case still earns our general recommendation.

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Company: Apple

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