Produced to satisfy a European directive requiring all mobile phones to support a common charging standard, the new iPhone Micro USB Adapter (£8/$13) is one of relatively few official Apple accessories only available outside the United States. Remarkably small — only a millimeter or so taller than the Dock Connector plugs on Apple’s standard Dock Connector cables, yet around a millimeter thinner as well — the iPhone Micro USB Adapter has a male 30-pin plug on one end and a female Micro USB port on the other. This enables users to connect any common Micro USB cable or charger to the iPhone; Apple notably mentions on the packaging that the accessory is “[c]ompatible with iPhone” and “[f]or syncing and charging only.” Inside the box are a warranty booklet, a clear hard plastic cap for the Dock Connector side, and an envelope that holds the Adapter during shipment.

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Company and Price

Company: Apple Inc.


Model: iPhone Micro USB Adapter

Price: £8/$13

Compatible: iPhones