The Apple iPhone Mirror Screen Protector is a great way to keep your Apple iPhone’s LCD Screen scratch-free and brilliant. Made of durable plastic, the Apple iPhone Mirror Screen Protector protects you Apple iPhone’s screen from scratches and dust, without affecting the touch screen’s sensitivity. A unique feature that separates this screen guard from other ones is that the screen is designed to double as a mirror. The special Apple iPhone Screen Protector reflects just like a regular mirror when the screen is turned off and displays your screen when turned on. Perfect for checking your make-up, your teeth after a meal, or even signaling for help, this handy mirror/ screen protector will keep you looking professional at all times.

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Made of a special, high quality plastic
Doubles as a reflective mirror. Please see the video for a demonstration: Mirror Screen Protector Video
Includes a soft cleaning cloth
Static adhesive does not leave residue
Error-proof installation
Can be removed and reapplied if necessary
Can be used with all plastic or neoprene cases for maximum protection

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