Apple has been introducing more first-party accessories for its devices recently, and part of this push is the company’s own Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock ($79). The white dock features the inductive Apple charging connector built into its center, which can either be left flat to charge an Apple Watch, or titled up at an angle to charge a watch in Nightstand mode. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is powered by a Lightning cable, and the package includes Apple’s longer 2m Lightning cable, which allows users to reach an outlet farther away — which makes sense, given that this dock likely won’t be moved often.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock lives up to Apple’s minimal aesthetic, packaging included. A simple, soft white circle with a microfiber bottom, the dock is slightly larger than 4” in diameter and weighs 5.6 ounces — enough to keep it from moving around, but far from heavy. It stands in stark opposition to other “high end” Apple Watch docks from third-party companies, which are often covered in aluminum. The Lightning cable connects right to the side of the dock, with no cable management or routing necessary.

Though Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is made of nice materials, when you consider what it does, it gets harder to consider the value. The Watch can be charged in a flat position, which is really no different than how you’d use the charging cable that comes with Apple Watch. You can also lift up the dock and push out the charging puck with your finger to create a charging angle for Nightstand mode.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is a well-designed, elegant dock, especially if you plan on using Nightstand mode. But those who want to see their Apple Watch held aloft while charging will have no interest here. In fact, we’d guess most of the interest in this dock is coming from those who prefer Apple’s own accessories — and aesthetic — and who don’t mind spending a bit more than most users. Apple’s first watch dock is nice, but the combination of high price and basic functionality limits its appeal.

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Company: Apple

Model: Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Price: $79

Compatible: Apple Watch