First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G


In a word, second-generation iPod shuffle cases have generally been disappointments; most companies have struggled with whether to even release cases at all, and when they do, cosmetics appear to be the focus rather than protection. The latest iJacket from Aquarius follows this unfortunate trend, blending a simple plastic front shell with colorful artwork and a separate cord manager, but offering little else.

First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G

Sold in one- or two-packs, each iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G starts with one of three base colors of plastic shell (white, black, or clear), and includes a single Sumajin-styled cord manager in one of those same colors. A glossy, colorful sticker is pre-installed on the plastic shell, generally visually and always physically highlighting the location of the shuffle’s Control Pad, and always leaving the top, bottom, and parts of the shell’s plain-colored sides showing. Black and white stickers tend not to be as conspicuous in this regard as colored ones, but you can barely make out the seams if you look closely.


First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G

First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G

As with all iJackets, the star of the show here is the artwork. Aquarius sells versions with sport-, nature-, and psychedelic-themed art, with a dizzying array of options that let you make your shuffle convey whatever message you like. But unlike past iJackets, which were generally protective of the iPod’s front, back, side, and bottom surfaces, the shuffle versions are half-shells, with no rear clip coverage and cut-outs for the shuffle’s bottom controls. The top headphone port hole is on the small side, permitting connection of larger headphone plugs, but not a completely secure lock.


First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G

First Look: Aquarius iJacket for iPod shuffle 2G

Since prices for the iJackets haven’t yet been announced, we’re holding this review at First Looks status before making a final determination on the value these bring to the table. The question of whether to prefer these to, say, stickers from ShuffleSome will come down to pricing, your preference for one company’s art, and whether the token protectiveness and cord management offered here are enough for your needs; if you need to keep your shuffle in good physical shape, neither is a substitute for a true case.

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