Although there are plenty of athletic armbands for the iPhone on the market, forearm-mounted solutions are much less common — Arkon’s Forearm Holder for iPhone ($18) is one of very few that we’ve seen over the years. It’s made from common materials, and is generic enough to fit any generation of iPhone — even most likely including the taller next-generation model or even the iPod touch. As compared with $30 rivals we’ve previously tested, Arkon’s lower price and design quality are roughly matched; you get what you pay for.

Review: Arkon Forearm Holder for iPhone + iPod touch

Forearm Holder is built with somewhat roughly cut neoprene, reflective strips, and a clear plastic window. About six inches long, its width tapers from about 5.5” to 4.5” from top to bottom. A slit along the top stretches to allow you to insert the iPhone, while openings at both ends serve as passthroughs for Dock Connector cables and headphones, precluding the design from being truly waterproof. The tightness can be adjusted with a Velcro strap on the back.


Review: Arkon Forearm Holder for iPhone + iPod touch

Review: Arkon Forearm Holder for iPhone + iPod touch

Apart from the location of the iPhone—you’ll have to decide whether you really want to keep a device just mounted above your wrist and considerably below your bicep during workouts—we found it easy to use the screen through the thin window. In our testing, the soft clear plastic cover had a typical issue, sometimes sticking against the glass display when pressed, but quickly pulled away on its own. Even light touches were registered, and tasks requiring small touch targets such as typing weren’t slowed down significantly. Another of this accessory’s more thoughtful features is the storage pouch: located behind the iPhone pocket, it’s capable of holding cash or a house key.


Review: Arkon Forearm Holder for iPhone + iPod touch

If you’re looking to wear your iPhone on your forearm, this holder makes sense. The materials aren’t the nicest we’ve felt in armbands and some of the openings are a bit roughly cut, but for the relatively low price, there’s not a lot to complain about. Because of its location on your arm, users will find that it works best with apps that operate in landscape orientation mode. As a cheap workout companion, Forearm Holder is worthy of a general recommendation.

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Company and Price

Company: Arkon


Model: Forearm Holder

Price: $18

Compatible: All iPhones, iPod touches

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