Review: Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G


Over the last week, we’ve been checking out seven different leather iPhone 3G cases, almost all of them highly familiar based on earlier versions we’ve seen for the original iPhone. We’re giving each only a brief review, with a short description and opinions below. This review covers Artwizz’s Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G ($25/€25).

Review: Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G

What can be said for something as simple as the Leather Pouch? Artwizz and its distributor Harmonic Inversion Technology are offering this simple leather sleeve in several versions, but the only one we’ve received is the basic $25 one, which is sold in black and red versions. While the more deluxe iterations include pulls that help you remove the iPhone 3G from inside, this Leather Pouch doesn’t, so all you get is an okay-looking set of two sewn-together pieces of leather, lined with matching velvet on the inside. That’s it; the case includes no frills, and other than the embossed Artwizz logo on one side, it looks like it could easily have come from any of three dozen companies. Oddly, the leather appears to be a little ribbed, detracting a bit from the case’s class.


Review: Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G

Review: Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G

Simply put, the Leather Pouch is a fine case if all you’re looking for is a way to cover most of the device—save the top and top corners—with some sort of decent-looking protection, but it’s not great on usability or value. You’ll have to pull the iPhone 3G out for virtually everything, save using its headphone port. We’d pass, but there’s nothing bad about this design; it’s just incredibly generic.

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Company: Artwizz


Model: Leather Pouch

Price: $25/€25

Compatible: iPhone 3G

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