Review: Artwizz Sportsband for iPod nano 4G

While similar to the many other armbands we’ve previously seen for the iPod nano, Artwizz’s new Sportsband for iPod nano 4G (€17) manages to incorporate a perforated and thus more breathable armband and a Velcro-assisted headphone cord manager into the otherwise familiar neoprene design. A clear front plastic shield protects the nano’s face, somewhat impeding Click Wheel access in the process. Reflective and gray material is used to aid visibility versus all-black competitors. It’s distributed in the U.S. by Harmonic Inversion Technology, which does not have a listing page for the product on its web site.

Review: Artwizz Sportsband for iPod nano 4G

But not for the problematic Click Wheel coverage, Sportsband would have been amongst the better inexpensive armband options we’ve tested for the iPod nano. Measuring nearly 18” in length from end to end, it’s actually one of the longer armbands available for this device—a fact that could endear it to users with larger biceps—and though the perforated neoprene design doubles over on itself, diminishing the armband’s practical breathability, it’s better than thick fully neoprene bands that have no holes for this purpose. Artwizz also almost entirely seals the compartment against moisture intrusion, a benefit for users who are concerned about sweat. The major issue is that touching the plastic surface doesn’t necessarily yield corresponding scroll control on the iPod nano, and even deliberate motions don’t always yield results; button presses are of course recognized. This limited interactivity makes the Sportsband a fine pick for those who want screen access and don’t need reliable menu navigation, but a poor pick for those who want full, easy iPod nano control while they’re exercising. A limited recommendation strikes us as most fair.


Review: Artwizz Sportsband for iPod nano 4G

Review: Artwizz Sportsband for iPod nano 4G

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Company: Artwizz


Model: Sportsband

Price: €17

Compatible: iPod nano 4G

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