Gear Guide: Audio Outfitters ezGear Clear Case

The ezGear ClearCase protective Case is made of crystal clear acrylic and provides your iPod with optimum protection and a great look.  The case is designed to perfectly fit the profile of your iPod.

Gear Guide: Audio Outfitters ezGear Clear Case

Custom molded crystal case Protects your iPod from scratches or damage.  The top opens and your iPod slips right into clearCase.  The clearCase has openings on the top and bottom for access to all ports.  The screen is completely covered by the crystal clear case providing great screen protection and easy viewing of your playlist or menus.

An opening for the clickwheel allows complete access to the songs and operations of your iPod.

* Custom molded crystal case Protects device from scratches / damage
* Hinge opens for ultra easy access
* Precision engineering makes it the easiest case to insert and remove your iPod
* Clear screen protects the iPod screen
* Cutouts give easy access to headphone jack, remote port and all vital iPod controls.
* Includes removable clear clip and post system

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Company: ezGear
Model: ClearCase
List Price: $19.95