Review: Awesome Cables 6ft Braided Awesome Cable

Back in February, we took a look at the Awesome Cables Lightning Cable and loved it — a six-foot Lightning cable for only $15. The company’s next offering is the 6ft Braided Awesome Cable ($25), an Apple-certified cable built for the tech-savvy outdoorsman. Designed to avoid cable turtle-necking, the 6ft Braided Cable is made of durable nylon, which allows for more flexibility than the standard Apple Lightning cable. The nylon coating also provides a layer of water resistance, though it would be a really bad idea to charge your device in the rain. Unlike Apple’s cables, the 6ft Braided Awesome Cable doesn’t feel fragile when it’s balled up and jammed in a pocket, either.

Review: Awesome Cables 6ft Braided Awesome Cable

Awesome Cables claims that the 6ft Braided Awesome Cable connector will fit “every” iPhone case, including LifeProof cases. We tested the cable with a number of cases, and as promised, the cable fit like a glove. The relatively thin profile of the connector leads us to believe there won’t be issues with any cases except for the most poorly-tailored ones.


Review: Awesome Cables 6ft Braided Awesome Cable

Review: Awesome Cables 6ft Braided Awesome Cable

This particular cable’s selling point is the resilience of its housing. Since you can get a six-foot Awesome Lightning cable rated at 2.4 Amps for $15—a great value—this 2.1-Amp version with an identical length but a more durable cable jacket is a good rather than great alternative. Considering for a moment that Apple’s standard cable is $19 and only three feet long, you’d be crazy not to pick one of these options instead if you need six feet of cable. Most consumers don’t need six feet of cable, but there are many scenarios we can think of that the extra length comes in handy. If your own personal usage scenarios depend upon greater cable resilience than a rubber or plastic housing can offer, the 6ft Braided Awesome Cable is the right option to pick.

Update: We received the wrong information from the company for the initial review — Awesome Cables claims the cable is indeed rated at 2.4A.

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Company: Awesome Cables

Model: 6ft Braided Awesome Cable

Price: $25

Compatible: All Lightning-equipped iPads, iPhones + iPods

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