Review: Awesome Cables Lightning Cable

Awesome Cables sells a variety of iDevice charging accessories, including its own branded Lightning Cable ($15, aka The Awesome Cable). While it’s nothing totally new — there’s often very little innovation when it comes to cables — this cord has the advantage of costing less than many competitors, even though it’s longer and comes in five colors. It has a thicker gauge than Apple’s cables, but that’s to be expected with longer cords. It’s capable of carrying a proper 2.4-Amp charge across its 6′ length.

Review: Awesome Cables Lightning Cable

Review: Awesome Cables Lightning Cable

Review: Awesome Cables Lightning Cable

Instead of oval-shaped plastic around the Lightning plug, The Awesome Cable has a sheath that tapers down on either side. The material is in two thicknesses, so it still allows compatibility with most cases. There’s not too much more to be said about this cable. It works properly, feels sturdy, and offers a definite advantage over more expensive competitors. While we’re never wowed by cables, this one earns our high recommendation. While it costs just a few dollars more than cables from Monoprice, the design and color options are enough to justify it.

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Company: Awesome Cables


Models: The Awesome Cable

Price: $15

Compatible: All Lightning-Equipped iPads, iPhones, iPods

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