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As a simple RSS reader, azRSS NewsReader ($2) falls short of the competition due to a questionable interface and a lack of common, user-friendly features. The app’s main screen lists subscribed feeds along with a “Feeds Directoy” containing roughly 45 different feeds which the user can choose to subscribe to; users may also add individual feeds. The app lacks any sort of feed auto-detection, meaning that users wanting to add feeds not listed in the directory need to remember and type in the complete feed URL (including “http://”), or the app will bring up an invalid URL error. The app’s interface is neither pretty nor offensive, but simply okay.

Review: azRSS NewsReader by

Tapping on a subscribed feed brings the user to the Articles view, where each item is listed with its title and a star for unread or a checkmark for read items; there is no way to mark all unread, or to mark previously-read items as unread. The individual item view page is plain, with text presented in a reasonably-sized serif font. Links clicked from within this view open in the app’s built-in browser. Limited by its inability to automatically find feed URLs, lack of syncing, lack of a flagging option, and hampered by relatively infrequent but still annoying crashes, azRSS would be hard-pressed to garner a recommendation even at the free price level. The addition of any of the above features would help improve this app, which at $2 falls well short of our recommendation. iLounge Rating: D.

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Title: azRSS NewsReader

Price: $2

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