Gear Guide: Back/Place Perch

The Back/Place™ Perch is the place where your laptop and mobile devices come together.  It places a slide-out mobile device holding perch onto the back of your laptop or flat panel monitor.  Simply slide out perch from behind laptop or flat panel monitor and attach your iPod®, Mp3, cell phone, PDA, GPS, satellite radio receiver, Blackberry®… using either device’s own belt clip or with the included Velcro® tab.  Uses Therm O Web Mounting Adhesive (temporarily repositionable and acid free) which will not mar or leave glue residue on any laptop or flat screen monitor device.

With the Back/Place™ Perch mobile ‘hands free’ listening, viewing, dialing and downloading is a snap…whether you’re on a plane, train, bus, park bench…in a coffee shop, boardroom, library or around the house…Anywhere!!!  Your mobile device is now perched just to the side of your laptop for:

•  Optimum viewing, places device just to the side and at the exact same angle as your laptop screen.  See who’s calling, see what song is up or watch that video as you work away on your laptop
•  Makes it easy to dial and scroll without picking device up
•  Is the perfect place for your device when you are working or playing …anywhere…Say you are riding on the bus and working on your laptop.  In the past you would have to lay your iPod on your lap or on laptop itself or perhaps put in a pocket.  With the Back/Place™ Perch you can now perch it right up next to your laptop screen where you can see it, use it, and never fumble for it again!

This revolutionary new product brings your laptop computer and your mobile devices together for the first time!  The patent-pending Back/Place™ Perch gives mobile computer users the place to attach their iPod®, iPhone, Mp3, Blackberry®, cell phone, PDA, GPS, satellite radio…directly to their laptop for easy mobile listening, viewing, dialing and downloads.

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