Gear Guide: Back/Space Organizer – Attaches your iPod to your Laptop


Millions of laptops…millions of iPods…thousands of types of iPod docks. 
How many of those thousands of different docks work when you are away from you desk?
How many work when you are using your laptop on-the-go as it’s designed to be used? 

Introducing the Back/Spacetm Organizer. Offers simple to use, highly effective slide-out mobile device holding perch to attach your iPod, cell phone, GPS, PDA…directly to your laptop so they all go where you go.  Plus it offers a ton of other conveniences… 

Leave that old dock on your desk and get out there!!  The world is waiting!!!

The Back/Space™ Organizer is a lightweight case affixed to the back of laptop or flat panel monitor offering:
•  Slide-out mobile device holding perch – attach your iPod®, iPhone, Mp3, Blackberry®, cell phone, PDA, GPS, satellite radio…directly to your laptop for easy mobile listening, viewing, dialing and downloads.  Brings your laptop and mobile devices together for the first time!
•  Sliding pocket folders – hold a few of your most important and often used documents.
• Slide-out folders create the perfect document holder.  Documents are held just to the side of the computer screen for optimum ‘hands free’ viewing!
•  Display window – Easily personalize your laptop by sliding into it any artwork, drawing, sayings, team logo, etc. you can imagine (Dell and HP send their customers to where ‘one time use’ personalized sheets cost $30!!).  Change it anytime you want, any way you want!!
•  Plus contains a CD/DVD holding pocket

Use the slide-out mobile device holding perch on the Back/Space™ Organizer and you’ll discover how convenient it is to have your mobile devices always right in front of you for easy dialing, downloading, listening and viewing, while at the same time working on your laptop.  When you place in it a few of your most often used and important documents you’ll discover how convenient it is to have these documents always at your fingertips! 

Available through  The Back/Space™ Organizer use Therm O Web ‘Temporarily Repositionable and Acid-Free’ Mounting Tape which holds firm but will not mar or leave glue residue on any laptop or flat panel monitor device.

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