Review: Battle at Sea by Pelted Software

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The classic board game Battleship has been remade numerous times, with Gameloft’s Naval Battle: Mission Commander standing as an especially good $5 version for Click Wheel iPod fans.

Review: Battle at Sea by Pelted Software

Until the company gets around to re-releasing it for the iPhone, however, people will have to make do with a couple of overpriced but somewhat interesting alternatives. The first is Pelted Software’s BattleAtSea ($5), which uses fairly boring ship artwork against a sonar-styled backdrop for presentation of the “pick a square to fire upon” action.

Review: Battle at Sea by Pelted Software

Where Battle at Sea engaged us a little, however, was in its single major setting option: the game has a one-shot-per-turn “classic” mode and a default mode where you get up to five shots per turn, speeding up the pace of the game.

Neither this nor the inclusion of a wireless multiplayer mode make up for the lack of any number of great features that were in Naval Battle, justifying the $5 asking price, but this is a decent start at a complete game; we may consider looking at it again if the developer finishes making it compelling enough to pay for. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Below Average

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Company: Pelted Software


Title: BattleAtSea

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches