Review: Beach Volleyball by Resetgame/Chillingo

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Finally, Beach Volleyball ($2) by Resetgame/Chillingo is a complete disappointment.

Review: Beach Volleyball by Resetgame/Chillingo

Despite its simplicity, beach volleyball has previously been rendered beautifully by Sega in its Beach Spikers series and Tecmo in its DOA Beach Volleyball titles, making serves and returns exciting, while offering multi-player modes. Unfortunately, this sport is transformed into utter trash here, with one small character per side, a tiny on-screen net, a poorly forced 3-D perspective that gives you little awareness of where the ball is relative to your single on-screen character, and—surprise—mediocre audio, consisting mostly of poor ball, whistle, and ocean wave sounds.

The gameplay consists of dragging your character left and right next to the net and hitting the button when you think the ball is close. It’s awful, and summed up pretty quickly as “yet another bad Chillingo title.” We’d pass on this boring, shoddy game even if it was free; releasing several games this bad should be enough to get a company booted from the App Store.