First Look: Belkin AirCast Auto Hands-Free

Sold as a device-agnostic Bluetooth wireless car integration system, Belkin’s AirCast Auto Hands-Free ($80) is nonetheless iPhone-focused, enabling users to make and receive calls using a Belkin-supplied microphone and the speakers built into a car’s stereo system. The unit includes a circular call/play button with integrated microphone, an aux-in plug for your car stereo, and a charging bulb with a pass-through USB port that can be used — or not — with Apple’s USB to Dock Connector cables for iPhone charging. You’re able to place the microphone and control button wherever you prefer on your dashboard using an adhesive and magnetic mounting system, then connect to your car’s aux-in port with or without the included extension cable. All iPhones can connect to the system for calling, and more recent models can also stream Bluetooth music to AirCast Auto, as well. iPads and iPod touches can use the streaming feature, but for obvious reasons, not the calling ones.

First Look: Belkin AirCast Auto Hands-Free

First Look: Belkin AirCast Auto Hands-Free

First Look: Belkin AirCast Auto Hands-Free

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Company: Belkin


Model: AirCast Auto

Price: $80

Compatible: All iPhones, iPod touch 2G/3G/4G*, All iPads*

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