Review: Belkin iPod Case

Pros: Good build, tight stitching, access to all iPod functions.

Cons: Loose fit and vinyl tends to “bubble-up” around scroll wheel.

Review: Belkin iPod Case

The Belkin case is a very functional everyday case for your iPod. The design is simple and nondescript and blends well with the iPod. It is not a sports case, nor is it a flashy leather “executive case.” Instead, the Belkin case is the clothing equivalent of a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt for your iPod, simple, well-constructed and meant for everyday use.

Fit and Finish

The Belkin case is composed of a rigid leather back that gives the case an added sense of sturdiness and support. The surface of the back makes contact with the iPod which is cloth and won’t taint your iPod’s mirror finish.

The front of the case is made of clear vinyl that is tightly stitched to the back panel, which provides adequate surface protection for the iPod, covering the screen while providing a circular hole for accessing the scroll wheel and buttons.

Review: Belkin iPod Case

The iPod slips through the top and is held in place with a snap closure which has a well-placed hole for your headphone jack. The top of the iPod is left generally exposed at all times which can be good for when you want to access the hold switch but bad if you want to keep sand or dirt out of your FireWire port. At the bottom of the case is a hole, which allows you to push your iPod out of the case without having to pull it out with your fingers.

The vinyl cover has its flaws. The fit tends to be a bit loose with gaps, because of the flexible nature of the material.

The vinyl tends to hover above the surface of the iPod instead of closely sticking to it with a vacuum-sealed fit. Furthermore, the bottom corners of the case have openings where the vinyl folds, allowing potential dirt, sand and pocket lint to get to your iPod.

Review: Belkin iPod Case


The Belkin case is a decent everyday case. It’s not going to protect your iPod if you drop it, but it will provide adequate scratch protection. The case has some nice features, namely, the rigid back, tight stitching and the clever hole at the bottom of the case to facilitate “pushing” out your iPod when you want to remove it.