Gear Guide: Belkin Leather Flip Case


Gear Guide: Belkin Leather Flip Case

The Belkin Leather Flip Case combines stylish protection for your iPod with fine-grain leather construction. Our innovative AirGrip technology combines security and functionality, allowing accessibility to your iPod at all times. Simply attach the iPod to the suction cup and take your tunes on the road with you. With its constant access to the face of your iPod, our case design makes playing your tunes easier than ever.

  • Transports easily with convenient swivel clip

  • Lets you keep your iPod protected in its case while it’s docked

  • Features easy-access port that lets you power and enjoy your iPod while traveling

  • Protects your iPod screen while keeping it functional with clear PVC window

  • Comes with Belkin Lifetime Warranty

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    Company: Belkin
    Model: Leather Flip Case
    List Price: $29.99

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