First Look: Belkin TuneDok for iPod nano

It’s been many a moon since we’ve played with a TuneDok – Belkin’s plastic cupholder mount for full-sized iPods and minis – and now there’s a version for iPod nano. Like the others, this one includes a screw-in iPod holder that changes height based on how deeply it’s screwed in to the base, and three plastic cups that can be paired up to adjust for different cupholder depths. In addition to offering two cup thicknesses – one standard, one large – the new TuneDok also includes a rubber cuff that can go around the outside of a cup, thickening it while adding a bit of Griffin iSqueez-like flexibility. This TuneDok is also the first we’ve tested in a glossy black color, which matches the company’s Auto Kit, and of course black iPod nanos.

First Look: Belkin TuneDok for iPod nano

First Look: Belkin TuneDok for iPod nano

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Company: Belkin


Model: TuneDok for iPod nano

Price: $30

Compatible: iPod nano

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