First Look: Belkin TuneStage for iPod nano


As an updated version of the company’s earlier TuneStage for iPod (iLounge rating: B+), the TuneStage for iPod nano lets you enjoy your iPod’s music wirelessly through a stereo up to 33 feet away. The box still includes four pieces: a wireless Bluetooth 1.2 transmitter to attach to the iPod, a wireless receiver that attaches to your stereo system, a stereo audio cable, and a power supply for the receiver. Belkin has replaced its earlier top-mounting Bluetooth transmitter – made only for 3G, 4G, and mini iPods – with a bottom-mounting transmitter that now physically fits only the iPod nano, connecting to both its headphone and Dock Connector ports. If you’re using your nano near a USB port or charger, and want to supply your own mini-USB cable, a port at the transmitter’s bottom lets you recharge while broadcasting.

First Look: Belkin TuneStage for iPod nano

Update: On July 26, 2006, Belkin informed iLounge that TuneStage for iPod nano has been cancelled in favor of a new Bluetooth solution to be launched later this year.


First Look: Belkin TuneStage for iPod nano

First Look: Belkin TuneStage for iPod nano

First Look: Belkin TuneStage for iPod nano

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Company: Belkin


Model: TuneStage for iPod nano

Price: $180

Compatible: iPod nano

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