Review: Beyzacases Thinvelope for iPad 2

As a general rule, Beyzacases makes handsome cases for Apple devices; the quality of the materials it uses is quite high. The same holds true for one of the company’s newest releases, a follow up on the original Thinvelope, this time made for the iPad 2 (€130/$193). Just like the previous model, this is a simple envelope-style sleeve; the difference is mainly in dimensions. While the look and feel are nice, as with most sleeves the functionality is quite limited, and here, the premium price will be hard for many users to swallow.

Review: Beyzacases Thinvelope for iPad 2

Review: Beyzacases Thinvelope for iPad 2

Thinvelope is very similar to a standard envelope in its design. The case is just wide enough to hold the iPad 2, although it has enough depth to support Apple’s Smart Cover. As with many envelopes, a triangular flap holds the sleeve shut. In the past, Beyzacases has used embedded magnets to fasten its leather products, and they’d often show through the material, detracting from the overall quality of the product. With Thinvelope, the company used silver external magnets instead. They provide a nice accent, and look better than the under-the-leather alternative.


Review: Beyzacases Thinvelope for iPad 2

The leather itself is the same high-quality, genuine cowhide we have come to expect from Beyzacases; in this case, it’s textured and available in glossy black, red, or tan. Inside the case is a soft microfiber lining that keeps the iPad 2 from being scratched. Functionality is the same as any other sleeve: the device is totally protected and completely unusable while in it, and the exact opposite when out. We prefer playthrough and folio-style cases for their better combination of protection and utility, but to each their own.


Review: Beyzacases Thinvelope for iPad 2

We appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of Thinvelope, and that the company addressed the issues with magnets that have been a problem in the past. The fact remains, however, that €130 is a lot to pay for an accessory with such limited functionality—the primary reason we can’t recommend this sleeve to most people, particularly customers in North America. If fashion, soft leather, and sleeve-like design are important enough to you to spend an iPod touch worth of cash for a case, or if you live in a region where the the Euro pricing isn’t insane, then you’ll like Thinvelope. Everyone else will find that their dollars are better spent on more affordable options.

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Company: Beyzacases


Model: Thinvelope

Price: €130/$193

Compatible: iPad 2

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