Review: Beyzacases Zero Series Case for iPad (3rd-Gen)


Sold in five different colors, Beyzacases’ Zero Series Case (€55/$73) is a relatively simple iPad sleeve that emphasizes slender sizing and high-quality leather as assets. So tightly tailored that a third-generation iPad with screen protection feels snug inside, Zero Series uses floater-style leather with distinctive contrast stitching down the center. There’s no “eject” mechanism for the iPad, so you need to tug it out of the case’s center when you’re ready to use it. We found that the best way to remove the tablet was to press the bottom of the sleeve against a desk or other surface and pull at the aluminum body as it becomes exposed.

Review: Beyzacases Zero Series Case for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Beyzacases Zero Series Case for iPad (3rd-Gen)

This sleeve does bring one rather unique feature to the table. An magnet embedded in the leather—visible through the material—automatically puts the iPad to sleep when it’s inserted, and wakes it when removed. This does require that you put the iPad in properly so that the display is facing towards the case’s front; that is, the side with the stitching and the Beyzacases logo in the bottom right corner. As long as you push the tablet all the way down, this works well. 


Review: Beyzacases Zero Series Case for iPad (3rd-Gen)

The combination of great materials and magnetic locking functionality make Zero Series Case one of the nicer sleeves around, and go some way towards justifying its higher cost. Compared to previous sleeves from the company, which sold for a staggering $193, this one is actually pretty reasonably priced—both by leather case and iPad case standards. We’ve said this time and time again: sleeves generally aren’t the best case style around, as they simply don’t have that much functionality; however, if you like the style, this one is a good choice because of its high-quality materials and thin profile. It’s worthy of our general recommendation.

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Company: Beyzacases


Model: Zero Series

Price: €55/$73

Compatible: iPad (3rd-Gen)

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