Review: BigTipper by PureBlend Software

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BigTipper ($2) from PureBlend Software is a decent application. Its main screen is strikingly similar to that of ACTGratuity below, offering sliders for tip amount and check splitting, a numeric pad for amount entry, a button for rounding the total, and an info button. As should have been the case with ACT, BigTipper lets users tap the party size, tip percentage, or bill amount and use the numeric keypad to enter a number; the sliders serve as alternatives instead of the sole point of interaction.

Review: BigTipper by PureBlend Software

The app’s info screen offers brief instructions, the ability to set the “round” button to round up, down, or choose automatically, a tax percentage entry and toggle to turn tax on and off, and a toggle for sound effects. When tax is turned on, the change is reflected in the total but the amount for tax is not listed. Unfortunately, BigTipper shares another similarity with ACTGratuity: a price that is too high. Given that there are good free options out there, a $2 tip app needs a truly memorable interface and more features to be worth the money. iLounge Rating: C.


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Company: PureBlend Software


Title: BigTipper

Price: $2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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