First Look: blueLounge MiniDock

Whenever blueLounge releases a new product for the iPod or iPhone, a predictable discussion follows, each time coming to the same conclusion: “that looks nice, but who would pay so much for it?” Such is the case with MiniDock ($20), a new replacement for Apple’s Dock Connector to USB Cable. Made from matte dark gray and glossy white plastic, MiniDock is designed to take the place of Apple’s free packed-in iPhone and iPod cables, holding your device on a recline in a wall socket when it’s connected to one of Apple’s small iPhone Power Adapters. If the idea sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because Scosche did the same thing last year with reviveLite II, except that Scosche actually included the wall charger and a nightlight for $25. With MiniDock, you need to supply the charger yourself, making this little more than a sleek plastic extender with a male USB plug at one end and a Dock Connector plug at the other. A Dock Connector plug that only accommodates bare-bottomed devices, that is.

First Look: blueLounge MiniDock

First Look: blueLounge MiniDock

First Look: blueLounge MiniDock

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Company: blueLounge


Model: MiniDock

Price: $20

Compatible: All Dock Connector iPods + iPhones

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