Booq’s newest iPad carrier, Boa Courier 10 ($100), is a sharp-looking messenger bag. It’s the smallest member of a family with options for 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros. This one is specifically made to fit any generation of Apple’s tablet, but not a computer or tons of extras.

Review: Booq Boa Courier 10 for iPad

The first thing we noticed about the bag is the quality of the graphite black nylon exterior. While it’s not the highest and most resilient grade of ballistic nylon around, it looks great, and could withstand some damage without issue. We expected the front flap to be floppy, but instead, it’s reinforced with a semirigid material. The key component inside the bag is the iPad pocket, which is lined with soft, plush fabric, leaving enough room to accommodate slim cases or a Smart Cover. A Velcro tab holds the tablet in place.


Review: Booq Boa Courier 10 for iPad

Review: Booq Boa Courier 10 for iPad

Two accessory pockets and two pen or stylus holders are sewn onto the front of that pocket. The space around them is tighter than we would’ve expected, so while you’ll likely have no issues accessing those pockets, don’t expect to store much else in that cavity. On the very front of the case is another pocket, which zips shut. Again, the bag is tight, so it’ll mostly be useful for flat accessories, or perhaps a thin book. Flip around to the back and you’ll find one more large pocket, with a dedicated phone holder inside.


Review: Booq Boa Courier 10 for iPad

Boa Courier 10 has a seatbelt-style nylon strap that allows the bag to be worn over your shoulder, with a detachable cross-body portion that can be used if you prefer to wear it across your chest. There’s also a handle, if you prefer to carry the bag that way. Reflective piping around the outside of the bag can be help you be more readily seen at night.


Review: Booq Boa Courier 10 for iPad

Well-constructed and made from quality materials, Boa Courier 10 is a nice option for those who need to carry an iPad and accessories, but not a laptop. Our only real issue with it is the price: $100 isn’t totally crazy, but does strike us as high for the functionality present here. Boa Courier 10 is solid enough to earn our general recommendation.

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Company: Booq


Model: Boa Courier 10

Price: $100

Compatible: All iPads

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