We’ve seen a few different styles of cases from Booq for the iPad 2, but Folio ($40) is certainly the most familiar of the bunch. Unlike the company’s Booqpad, which stood out as one of the first to include a notepad and stylus holder, this model isn’t so original.

Review: Booq Folio for iPad 2

A standard faux leather folio-style case, the iPad fits in the under the frame on the right side. Thanks to nice padding inside, it’s a snug fit. While the case doesn’t transform into a full-fledged video viewing stand the same way many others do, hardened rubber along the edges allows you to passive stand it up in a somewhat precarious landscape orientation; there’s no typing angle at all, though. The corners of the tablet are uncovered by the frame, leaving all of the ports and buttons accessible.


Review: Booq Folio for iPad 2

Review: Booq Folio for iPad 2

Two things set Folio apart. The first is the very sharp-looking stitching running through the center. Of the four color options available, we particularly liked the red-on-black version, and though the stitching doesn’t add any functionality, it’s a nice aesthetic design choice. Booq’s use of magnets in the front cover is the other smart feature. It seems that the company chose magnets that are a little stronger than what most manufacturers include: not only do they activate the automatic locking feature of the iPad 2, they also hold the lid shut better than most, without bulking the case up or the need for a dangling tab. 


Review: Booq Folio for iPad 2

Review: Booq Folio for iPad 2

Booq’s Folio is a straightforward case, and falls squarely in the “good” category. We give the company credit for a smart and generally well-executed design, although we would have appreciated the inclusion of a more secure stand feature as it would have increased Folio’s overall usefulness. This wouldn’t be the first case we’d recommend to someone who frequently requires or relies upon stand functionality; the front lid can be used that way in a pinch, but doesn’t provide the stability we’d really prefer. Because of this omission, the case earns a limited recommendation. Those looking for a simple and good-looking folio will be satisfied, but there are many other options in the same price range that offer more functionality.

Our Rating

Limited Recommendation

Company and Price

Company: Booq

Website: www.BooqBags.com

Model: Folio

Price: $40

Compatible: iPad 2

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