Review: Break Classic by Bootant


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Review: Break Classic by Bootant

Break Classic

We only half understand iPod and iPhone game designers’ obsession with Breakout. Yes, it’s a classic arcade game. Yes, Steve Jobs worked on it way back when as an employee of Atari. And yes, a version of it was hidden in early iPods as an example of the device’s gaming potential, then formally added as a game to subsequent versions of the device. But seriously, does the world really need another Breakout game?

Review: Break Classic by Bootant

Apart from Taito’s Arkanoid, which we think did a great job of evolving the formula, we might have said no, but we actually enjoyed playing Break Classic ($3) by Bootant. It is unashamedly Breakout in a classic form—you have a stick-shaped paddle at the bottom of a well, reflecting back a ball to smash bricks at the top of the screen—but the combination of translucent 3-D blocks, frequent multi-balls, and interesting, changing backgrounds and patterns keep the game interesting from level to level. At least in the version we played, you can’t get lasers, paddle-wideners, or other power ups a la Arkanoid and Apple’s similar iPod follow-up Vortex, but items drop down from the blocks for bonus points, providing an incentive to move away from the obvious trajectory of each incoming ball.


Review: Break Classic by Bootant

What we really liked about Break Classic was the $3 price. As a visually improved update of a very old game, Break Classic doesn’t seem like it’s worth $5 or $10, but this waypoint seemed fair to us—enough to compensate the developer for his effort but not a ransom. We look forward to seeing how Break Classic evolves with continued point releases, as the developer keeps adding new levels and other tweaks to improve the title. iLounge Rating: B+.

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Company and Price

Company: Electronic Arts


Title: Breaks Classic

Price: $3

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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