Review: BreakTouch 3D by Bootant

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We enjoyed Bootant’s Break Classic, a colorful, slightly more lively clone of the classic block-breaking title Breakout. As an alternative, the company has released BreakTouch 3D, a title that initially seems to be more exciting than the original—now the field is in 3-D! You get to scroll around a tube and break blocks on all of its sides! And you still have the same multi-ball and other drop-down items found in Break Classic!

Review: BreakTouch 3D by Bootant

Review: BreakTouch 3D by Bootant

Except here, it just doesn’t work. You spend all of your time scrolling around the well trying to bat back the ball, and if you try to fetch or maintain a multiball, you’re almost certainly going to lose the original ball trying; the physics engine is also an issue, as balls sometimes get reflected back improperly from the rounded paddle. In sum, though BreakTouch 3D better shows off Bootant’s nice OpenGL 3-D engine than did Break Classic, the visuals are unfortunately wrecked by the gameplay. The lack of music, simple sound effects, and generally not fun action make us think this should have been included for free in Classic as an alternate mode; it’s really just a pretty demo with a pricetag. iLounge Rating: D+.

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Company: Bootant


Title: BreakTouch 3D

Price: $1.99

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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