Gear Guide: Burberry iPod case


Gear Guide: Burberry iPod case

The just-out iPod Photo is a gadget geek’s dream: In addition to the trusty navigation wheel accessing up to 60 gigabytes of tunes, Apple’s design classic now features a full-color screen to showcase both CD art and personal pics. But along with iPod’s new benefits come new responsibilities, namely protecting the display from scratchy, smudgy threats like coins and keys. Burberry to the rescue: This nifty, leather-lined case shields your portable jukebox from the perils of pocket and purse. As an added bonus, the iconic exterior, available in traditional Nova or cheery Candy plaid, complements the cover of Le Tigre’s latest album.

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Company: Burberry
Model: Burberry iPod case
List Price: $195.00

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