First Look: CableJive dockStubz

Some cases just don’t leave enough space around the Dock Connector to enable you to use your favorite accessories, so CableJive has released dockStubz ($23), a 1.3-inch add-on that’s designed to restore the missing functionality. One end has a female Dock Connector, the other a male Dock Connector, so you can plug your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in and connect oversized cables, FM transmitters, and the like without issues — unless, of course, the device isn’t compatible with the accessory in the first place. Even then, CableJive includes a feature that’s capable of converting old FireWire charging accessories to be capable of charging USB-only devices. Expensive as a workaround, dockStubz is nevertheless one of the very rare accessories capable of extending Apple’s bottom accessory ports.

First Look: CableJive dockStubz

First Look: CableJive dockStubz

First Look: CableJive dockStubz

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Company: CableJive


Model: dockStubz

Price: $23

Compatible: Dock Connecting iPods, iPhones, iPads

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