Review: CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad for iPhone 4/4S

We’re quite accustomed to iPhone stands and docks in all shapes and sizes, but CalypsoCrystal’s new CalypsoPad ($39) is rather different from products we’ve seen on the market before. Sure, it’s a desktop holder and cable manager for the iPhone 4 and 4S. But instead of plastic, rubber, or metal, the pad is just that — a simple flat piece of leather with a footprint not much larger than the iPhone itself. While the list of features isn’t extensive, the style and material quality are certainly there. We checked out the red-on-black unit, but there’s also a beige model with matching stitching.

Review: CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad for iPhone 4/4S

Review: CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad for iPhone 4/4S

CalypsoPad is a rounded Italian leather rectangle measuring about 6” long, 3” wide, and just 1/8” thick. The material really is nice, as is the contrasting stitching around the edges. Towards the top there’s a slight indentation in the shape of an iPhone with a 7/8” perimeter on three sides. The depression is just deep enough to hold a bare 4 or 4S in place and can keep it there even with a fair amount of jostling. Directly beneath that s a small strap of leather sewn down on one end and held in place with a magnet at the other, designed to hold a Dock Connector. It’s very simple cable management, but cable management nonetheless. On the underside of the pad is a soft, suede-like material that adds just a bit of grip, although it doesn’t substantially prevent the pad from moving around.


Review: CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad for iPhone 4/4S

Review: CalypsoCrystal CalypsoPad for iPhone 4/4S

And, well, that’s it. Obviously CalpysoPad is limited in what it can do, but that’s not to say it’s useless. For iPhone users who prefer to go caseless, having a soft surface to rest the device on isn’t a bad idea. The great materials, clean looks, and smart cord holder are all nice touches that elevate it from just a simple piece of material to a legitimate accessory. We think the price is a bit high, but not totally crazy, especially in the Apple ecosystem. It’s certainly a better deal—and product—than the CalypsoCrystal’s CalypsoCase. In the end, CalypsoPad commands a general recommendation.

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