Review: Cannon Challenge by Discovery Communications

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To be clear up front, we’re not going to say that Discovery Communications’ Cannon Challenge (Free) is a breakthrough iPhone game, or even that it’s especially deep. It is, however, both a smart little time-waster and a novel form of advertising for the Discovery Channel’s TV show Future Weapons. You’re placed in command of a “Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon,” a tank with the ability to fire rounds on arcs to hit targets scattered across a landscape. With limited ammo, you need to judge your cannon’s elevation and power to make sure that all of the targets are neutralized. Other than these adjustments and a firing button, there’s nothing more to do.

Review: Cannon Challenge by Discovery Communications

Review: Cannon Challenge by Discovery Communications

Review: Cannon Challenge by Discovery Communications

As simple as the gameplay may be, the colorful and visually varied 15 stages in Cannon Challenge kept us playing from start to finish—admittedly, a half an hour or maybe an hour, tops. It’s based upon a web-based Discovery version and appears to share downsampled art and the same powerful cannon sound effect, with the benefit of smoother touch-based controls and pick-up, put-down convenience. Great? No. But fun for what it is, and modestly educational on the NLOS Cannon concept? Sure. iLounge Rating: B.


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Company: Discovery Communications


Title: Cannon Challenge

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