Review: Capdase Bifold Style Classy Leather Case for iPod nano 2nd Generation

There’s a difference between calling your leather case “classy” and actually delivering a classy design, and as XtremeMac proved with its MicroFlip cases last year, that difference isn’t merely attributable to price — it’s about workmanship, attention to detail, and the materials used. But there’s a flip side to that coin: underprice a nothing special design and you can effectively appeal to lots of people, while overpricing can limit the appeal of even beautifully made designs.

Today, we’re looking at leather cases from two companies: New York-based AB Sutton is selling the Video Book ($118-138) and Video Slip ($88-123) cases for the fifth-generation iPod, while Hong Kong-based Capdase is selling three different $14 cases for the second-generation iPod nano: the Bifold-Style Classy Leather Case, Belt Leather Case, and Pattern Leather Case. AB Sutton’s cases could have earned our A-level high recommendation but for their extremely high prices, which are justified only by their incredible degree of customization, while Capdase’s designs were spared our C-level rating solely by virtue of rock bottom pricing.


Review: Capdase Bifold Style Classy Leather Case for iPod nano 2nd Generation

In short, the Capdase cases are beyond familiar in design, and underwhelming in execution. The most interesting of the bunch is the Bifold-Style case, a padded leather wallet held together with a magnetic clasp, and outfitted inside with the simplest of iPod nano clips, two thin card pockets, and a rubber earbud holder and manager. You can pop the earbud manager out and attach an included, nice-looking hand strap if you want. White and black versions of Bifold are available.

Functionally, Bifold isn’t much to write home about. One of the two card pockets is a transparent ID card holder, and the other one’s similarly big enough for a card or a little paper currency. The iPod nano clip offers virtualy no side, top, or bottom protection for your iPod; it’s just there to keep the iPod in place, which it does without panache. Our feeling was that the solution was slapped together without much thought as a response to earlier, better designs by companies such as Incase and Marware; it’s not so much Classy as forgettable.


Review: Capdase Bifold Style Classy Leather Case for iPod nano 2nd Generation

Truly, Capdase’s $14 per case asking price is the only reason some people might consider buying these cases—they’re not beautiful or exceptionally protective, but for the price, they’re well built and acceptable enough from the outside that we can’t totally write them off. Having said that, Capdase has done a lot better with prior cases, and though these cases score decently on points, they wouldn’t be at the top of our lists other than on pricing.

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