Review: ChartFight by Mutant Piano Software

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Mutant Piano Software’s ChartFight SP ($5) takes a slightly different slant on the same Battleship theme. Here, the fleet is presented symbolically on top of an old world paper-styled map, you’re given 11 ships to destroy, and you set an on-screen slider before taking your shots. A split-screen feature also lets you see your own map as it’s being fired upon; as with typical Battleship titles, you get one shot per turn.

Review: ChartFight by Mutant Piano Software

Review: ChartFight by Mutant Piano Software

As with Battle at Sea, there’s a multiplayer mode that depends on you to be on the same wireless network as your opponent, and the premise of having more ships to destroy increases the density of hits relative to misses. However, Chart Fight doesn’t include the sound effects found in Battle at Sea, its presentation is a cute idea but not all that visually interesting, and the lack of settings to revert to more traditional or more expanded gameplay also bring it to a lower overall rating from our perspective. It’s a little better than a pure demo, but certainly not worth paying $5 for. iLounge Rating: D+.


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Company: Mutant Piano Software


Title: ChartFight SP

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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