Review: Chess and Backgammon Classics

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Sold on the App Store as Chess Classics, Gameloft’s Chess and Backgammon Classics ($10) is an almost identical remake of the same-named iPod title, only at twice the price. As before, you get a full chess game and a full backgammon game that can be played in 2-D, fixed 3-D, or simple camera-shifted 3-D modes, here presented solely in widescreen orientation.

Review: Chess and Backgammon Classics

Review: Chess and Backgammon Classics

Review: Chess and Backgammon Classics

Review: Chess and Backgammon Classics

Apart from the price, the big bummer here is that Gameloft has actually cut down one of our favorite features from the iPod version: themes. There used to be seven different themes for the chess board and six for backgammon; now chess has only four, and backgammon three dull ones. The backgammon set textures don’t look to have been improved much, either, in the process of enlarging the graphics for the iPhone’s screen. While the gameplay engine remains solid, neither of these games lives up to the standards of what the iPhone can really do, and at this higher price, we’d be very much inclined to look elsewhere.

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Company: Gameloft


Title: Chess and Backgammon Classics

Price: $10

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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