Classic iPod Skin Full Package 80GB/160GB Screen protection

Introducing the new CoverCase Skins for the iPod Classic. The CoverCase is a silicone case for the iPod Classic made from a special silicone material that not only feels soft and smooth, but also doesn’t attract dust or become sticky like normal silicone cases. Just a touch and you will feel the difference. * Special smooth composite material * Doesn’t attract dust or become sticky * Soft protective case to protect iPod from dings and dents * Designed to fit the iPod Classic perfectly * Cutouts for access to all functionalities of the iPod * Belt slits for mounting on straps without the bulk * Includes innovative iPod 6G Silicon Screen * Protection for the click-wheel and full functionality * Durable, washable and tear-resistant * Designed to hold your iPod upright for quick syncing and easy viewing of the screen, the stand will provide hours of listening enjoyment.

*  Official Apple Classic skin. 100% Original CoverCase
  * Covered and protected Click Wheel retains full sensitivity
  * Ultra-clear, scratch-resistant screen protector
  * Access to all features
  * 1 year full warranty.

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