Gear Guide: Clear View Skins


Gear Guide: Clear View Skins

No matter how careful you are using your iPod in your active daily life puts it in constant danger of being scratched. Clear View Skins provide unbeatable scratch protection for your iPod. The nearly invisible clear view skins are precisely cut for a perfect fit. The clear view skins cover the entire front and back of your iPod. Providing unbeatable scratch protection without changing the size, shape or appearance of the iPod.
The film that is used to produce our skins was developed to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades from sand and gravel while spinning at hundreds of miles per hour and is unbeatable for toughness or durability. The high quality of our film plus the fact that each clear view skin is specifically designed to fit your individual electronic device. Makes clear view skins the ideal choice for the scratch protection of your iPods and other portable electronic devices.

Nearly invisible Clear View Skins will provide iPods and other portable electronic devices with affordable scratch protection with Unbeatable Toughness and Durability for less than $10.00.

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