Inexpensive protection from the elements is a challenge for iPad owners, so CleverWraps is now offering a solution in the form of CleverWraps For Tablets + Apple iPad ($15 for 3), which claims to act as a “shield” against water, sand, dirt, and grease without providing specific water resistance figures. The execution is simple: slide your iPad or iPad 2 into the zip-bottomed plastic bag, fold over the extended flap and seal it up. Not surprisingly, the touch screen is still fully accessible and responsive, as are the volume rocker, side switch, and Sleep/Wake Button; the CleverWrap also closes off the headphone port and Dock Connector in the name of moisture protection. The version of CleverWrap we received was made to fit the original iPad but advertised for both models. For the thinner iPad 2, it’s obviously a less than perfect fit, with about half an inch of extra space on the side of the device, though the front and rear camera generally work through the plastic.

First Look: CleverWraps For Tablets + Apple iPad

First Look: CleverWraps For Tablets + Apple iPad

First Look: CleverWraps For Tablets + Apple iPad

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Company: CleverWraps

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Price: $15

Compatible: iPad, iPad 2

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